Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2 Months

Parker Boo is 2 months old!
11lbs 1 oz
22 inches long
Size 3 months clothes
Size 1 Diapers
He is smiling and Cooing all the time now! He loves his play gym, "talks" to his toys and kicks at them to get them to make noise. He also discovered himself in the little mirror.
Parker is still fussy in the late evenings but it is getting better and he is going down for the night a little earlier. Most nights he sleeps from 9:30ish to 4am ish. He wakes up smiles and practically giggles at our ceiling fan, Eats and goes back to sleep until 6:30, eats and takes another big nap.
He loves being outside and looks up at the trees and watches his crazy sisters run around. He is such a sweet mellow boy for the most part, only fussing if he needs something! I cant believe how much he is changing every day!
Oh and his hair is finally long enough it will stay down now!