Thursday, April 28, 2011


This Easter was a very quiet one. I offered to host Easter instead of Mother's day this year. Wasn't sure if I would be up to hosting in May, plus Payton has a lot going on that weekend with Softball.

We dyed Easter eggs on Sat, Payton wanted to try a tissue paper technique she did at school but it did not work so good for us...

Payton and I put together little treat bags for her teachers. She counted the marshmallows and peeps and put them in the bag for me!

After a bath Payton put out carrots and milk for the Easter bunny! While Karl and I were putting the girls to bed Roxy snuck a carrot or two and thankfully didnt knock over the milk!
The Easter Bunny came! Payton got Tangled and other goodies, while Paige got "Twinkle Toes" shoes the LIGHT UP! Big sissy had some and while I tried to get Paige to try them on at the time she refused. Then once she saw Payton wearing hers she wanted some too! Good thing the Easter Bunny found some in her size!

Payton did a quick change into her new PJ's and Paige was jumping to get her new shoes to light up!
The Easter Bunny hid eggs filled with candy and $ (change) all over the house!
Paige just wanted "Money"! She would shake them all before putting them in her basket!

He even hid one in Payton's bed!

(Yes I know Payton's A is missing, it fell off the day before and I have yet to hang it back up. I might take them all down since it is Paige and Payton's room now!

Payton helped me set the table!

And wrote out a place card for everyone!
There was only 9 of us total. My cousins went to the cabin this year and my other Aunt is coming down this weekend for my shower so did not want to make 2 trips in 2 weeks. It worked out perfect and we were all able to squeeze in at 1 table!

Waiting for Daddy and Uncle to hide eggs in back!

On the go!

Paige was so excited to open each egg!

Depositing her "money"!

So sweet, a kiss for Daddy!

After the hunt Payton changed her clothes and played baseball with Grandpa, Daddy and Uncle!

We hope you had a great Easter!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

33 Weeks

33 Weeks!

I had my 33 week appointment yesterday. Everything looks great! The NP did a short ultrasound to see if Parker's head was down, and it was (not that it really matters but in case he decided to come early it would be OK). Also got to see him moving around and she confirmed once again, he is all boy! His heartbeat was good, I am measuring right on track and she thinks he is about 4lbs +/-. Only a few more appointments and a pre-op apt and it will be time! Still lots of little things to do, only a few more weeks of work and I will be off for a few weeks before my c-sec. Cant wait to meet our little guy!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Bunny Deja Vu

Deja vu?

Last year's trip to see the Easter Bunny was exactly like this years! Paige waved at the bunny from afar, talked about the bunny, but as soon as it was picture time, there was NO way she would sit on his lap - or look at him for that matter! Payton was all about it and stayed with the bunny as long as possible! What can I say, the photos capture the true moment!Paige wouldn't take her eyes off that bunny!I attempted to get her on Bunny's lap but had no success...

Payton was happy she got to visit the bunny, Paige, well, she was just happy it was over!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Baby Shower,some Baseball, & Barn Yard Fun

On Saturday Paige and I (Payton had a softball game) attended a beautiful shower for my "cousin" Sarah! Her sister Amie and one of Sarah's friends were wonderful hostess'

Paige and her new friend!
Everyone brought a onesie to hang on the clotheslines
Ellerie is so loved already!
A "wishes for Ellerie" tree

The amazing hostess'
Paige helped Sarah open pretty much every single gift!

Cutest thing ever! Pink golf clubs!
Sarah is due first, 4 days before me, Amie is due in September! Parker will have so much fun with his "cousins" Ellerie and Paul!
On Sunday Payton had a second game to make up for one of the rained out games.
I love her face, concentrating hard!

After the game we went out to Livermore to one of Grandpa's friends ranch to visit all of her animals! She had 17 baby lambs that were just adorable!
Payton was in heaven!

After the lambs we went to meet all of the other animals! I think Paige's favorite was Lulu the pig! Sweetest little pig!
A chicken...

Some horses...

A bunny...

And my personal favorite Taco the Donkey. He was sooo friendly and just hung out with us!

It was a Fun and busy weekend!