Monday, August 30, 2010


Karl and I were lucky enough to be invited to Dave Matthews Band Concert by our "cousins" The Elder's. They are one of my favorite bands and so I couldn't have been more thrilled! Thanks for a fun evening Sarah and Eric!Karl's Uncle has a printing company that does printing for the Concord Pavilion, in exchange they get season tickets to all the concerts! Thank you for sharing Pacific Coast Concepts!
Although they missed a few of my favorites I still thought it was a great show, they never disappoint!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

God Made Dirt and Dirt Don't Hurt

Last weekend we went camping with friends at Tahoe, Donner State Park. The girls had a blast playing with our friends son Levi, swimming, and getting DIRTY!
My favorite picture from the trip
As soon as we got there and set up, we headed to the lake!

Paige loved the water, even though it was FREEZING and would just float on her back or dunk her face in.

Hanging out with June and Jason

Eating watermelon and Playing with Mr Potato head

Playing Football with Kris and Levi

This is the view from our camp site, there were cargo trains going through the mountain day and night
Dinner time! After I took this picture I started freaking out that something was wrong with my camera, until I realized just how DIRTY it was there, all of those spots is dust in the air! Campfire and Smores!

As soon as they got up the next morning, they hit the dirt! (If you know me you know how much I like keeping the girls clean and neat, but this weekend I had to let that go! There was NO chance of keeping them out of the dirt, and they had a blast playing in it!

Paige loving the Freezing water again!

The boys went out hunting for crawdads

Paige making sure the crawdads had plenty of water in their bucket!

She was the only one brave enough to touch it

Guess what was on the lunch menu?

I myself did not try any ;)

Good times with Good friends!
Tahoe and Baloo, such good dogs!

After lunch we headed back to the lake!

"Let me just put some sunblock on your back Paige...."
The guys took Payton out for a ride, I knew as soon as they got out to the middle of the lake, Payton was not going to like it... (it was pretty windy)
About 3 minutes later they came back, and can you tell how enthused Payton was?!


More early morning DIRT! Bike ride with Daddy! We had a great weekend and made some wonderful memories!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

18 Months!

When you ask Paige to smile for a picture, this is what I get...

Where is the time going? Paige just had her first Birthday right?

-Paige is RUNNING all over the place, mostly away from us when she knows she has something or is doing something she is not supposed to! She is into EVERYTHING! You cannot take your eyes off of her for a second! What a handful!

-She is loving to play with her baby dolls, feeding them, giving them their paci, and pushing them around in the stroller. She loves looking at books and being read to but only when she is on the tired side, otherwise she won't sit still long enough!
-She has mastered using a spoon and fork and loves feeding herself! She eats everything we do, but loves her mac n cheese and chicken nuggets, just like big sissy.

-She is still not talking as much as we would like, probably because she is still obsessed with her Paci and always wants it in! If she is playing she can go without it for hours but in the car or when she gets tired it is a must have...Her newest words are doga (doggie), yesterday she said table, shoe (shuuu), baby, bubble, and more. She has finally been trying to repeat words we tell her to and usually is pretty close. Honestly I think she is being stubborn, just like she was about walking. If I say "can you say Please?", she just gives me a hug instead...stinker!
-She goes to bed at 7:30 pm and wakes up around 6:30 am. Usually taking one big nap around 11am and if we are out and about a second nap in the afternoon.
-She is now riding in her big girl car seat and loving it! We got Payton a new Britax Booster/slash carseat and gave Payton's old Britax to Paige. Man carseats are expensive! The first day in it Paige just smiled the whole time in the car, dancing to the music! Bad thing, she does not fall asleep in the car as easily, and if she does she usually wakes up when I take her out.

-She LOVES the water and is fearless! We just returned from our vacation and she wanted to do everything Payton was doing, including jumping to us in the pool! She loves putting her face under too!
-She is still mostly 6-12 mos clothes, but her feet are growing, she is now a size 4. She weighed in at 18lbs 5 oz (and then lost almost a pound after getting sick, poor thing cant catch a break!)

-Her hair is getting longer and stick straight! It is also getting lighter and she gets tan so easily! Lucky girl!

- She loves shoes and purses lately, trying on everyones shoes, throws a purse over her shoulder and says " Bye"! She can get her crocks on pretty well all by herself!