Sunday, August 29, 2010

God Made Dirt and Dirt Don't Hurt

Last weekend we went camping with friends at Tahoe, Donner State Park. The girls had a blast playing with our friends son Levi, swimming, and getting DIRTY!
My favorite picture from the trip
As soon as we got there and set up, we headed to the lake!

Paige loved the water, even though it was FREEZING and would just float on her back or dunk her face in.

Hanging out with June and Jason

Eating watermelon and Playing with Mr Potato head

Playing Football with Kris and Levi

This is the view from our camp site, there were cargo trains going through the mountain day and night
Dinner time! After I took this picture I started freaking out that something was wrong with my camera, until I realized just how DIRTY it was there, all of those spots is dust in the air! Campfire and Smores!

As soon as they got up the next morning, they hit the dirt! (If you know me you know how much I like keeping the girls clean and neat, but this weekend I had to let that go! There was NO chance of keeping them out of the dirt, and they had a blast playing in it!

Paige loving the Freezing water again!

The boys went out hunting for crawdads

Paige making sure the crawdads had plenty of water in their bucket!

She was the only one brave enough to touch it

Guess what was on the lunch menu?

I myself did not try any ;)

Good times with Good friends!
Tahoe and Baloo, such good dogs!

After lunch we headed back to the lake!

"Let me just put some sunblock on your back Paige...."
The guys took Payton out for a ride, I knew as soon as they got out to the middle of the lake, Payton was not going to like it... (it was pretty windy)
About 3 minutes later they came back, and can you tell how enthused Payton was?!


More early morning DIRT! Bike ride with Daddy! We had a great weekend and made some wonderful memories!

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