Monday, July 19, 2010

Shame on Me!

I am so embarrassed, if you know me you know I love sending little notes, cards, or treats in the mail, and I have a thing about Thank you notes! It is just something that I feel should be done and I USED to be so good at it. But I dropped the ball big time on this one! I was cleaning off my desk and found a stack of thank you's from Payton's AND Paige's Bday! YIKES! I know I gave them out to Payton's little girlfriends but the rest are for Paige none have made it out yet. So, if you were one who should have received a Thank you, it is on it's way! Just wondering, does the wedding etiquette of sending thank you within one year apply for Bdays too? ha ha! I am going to say yes in hopes it makes me feel a little less guilty ;)

(I changed the wording on Paige's, since it has been so long...)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Recent Randoms

Karl woke up 4th of July morning suggesting we go to Bass Pro Shop. By the time we were all ready it was too late since we had a few things to do before heading to my parents for the BBQ. So Monday guess where we went?
They loved playing inthe tent...And looking at the fish!
It was a Bright, Hot day!

After the Bass Pro Shop we went to the Alameda County Fair

It was a Hot day! Can you tell by Paige's rosey cheeks?!
Look out, crazy driver behind the wheel!

Payton said "Look Mommy! A Zebra Chicken!"

Our little Butterfly! ( I let her sleep in it that night, I couldn't bear to wipe it off only an hour after paying $10 for it)
I cannot go to the fair without gettin one of these! So messy, and YUMMY!
Tuesday night Karl and I got a rare treat, a Date night! Karl skipped his softball game ( I know!) and we had a lovely dinner and cocktails at Horatio's, then headed to the A's vs Yankees game. So romanitc isnt it? (j/k) I love going to baseball games! Too bad they lost, but we definetely enjoyed a evening off! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa P for babysitting!
Our little slugger, she was such a mess, naked with Big Sissy's undies on over her diaper!(she has been into wearing Sissy's undies and trying to go potty in the big girl toilet, just like her sister!
Thursday we went out to Livermore to meet up with the girls cousins at the Community Pool. The girls had a great time swimming all afternoon, it is such a great pool for all ages! I had fun catching up with Jill while getting a little too much sun ;)
Payton is really starting to get comfortable in the water!
Payton and two of her cousins Katelyn and Kendall
Paige was a little fish too, loved the water and getting sprayed from the fountains!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

God Bless America!

For 4th of July we went to my parents for their annual BBQ with family and friends! I found these adorable dresses at Old Navy for $14 plus 30% off! Couldn't pass them up ;) Payton made these fun colored sand filled baby jars with a votive on top for the tables, this was a class project we did with the kids at school, great way to get rid of those baby jars we have been storing!
Another one of Payton's decorations
Payton and Uncle, she made up a new game, seeing if Uncle could get it in the pool!

Dad, the Margarita Man

Paige and Grandpa had matching Tatoos!

Payton decorated her bike for the party

Daddy and Paige!
Enough Desert?
I made these fun ice cream cones to go with....
The homemade ice cream my cousin Terri made! As kids we would always help my Grandpa make homemade ice cream so when he passed Terri took his maker. Sadly the bucket had gotten rusty so she had to by a new one, but the ice cream was YUMMY!!

Paige "fell" into the kiddy pool so she had to change to her backup 4th of July outfit ;)

My mom bought a plastic horsehoe set this year, her and my Aunt both got ringers!
The Victory dance....

Karl got a few ringers too ;) My mom bought lotto scratchers for anyone who got ringers, sadly we didnt win aunt won $15 though!
Since fireworks are illegal in our county we resort to poppers. Kind of sad the girls cant enjoy what we did as kids but they still enjoyed what we had!What a blessed life we have to have the freedom to enjoy this holiday!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Super Franks

Last week we had a playdate with Payton's friend Kayla. We met at Super Franks, a fun play place with several playrooms, arcade, cafe (they even serve beer and wine for the parentals!) They have a new room, "The Fish Tank". There are only black lights and everything is underwater theme!

Go Paige Go! She took her Jet Ski riding seriously!
Fire Woman Payton!

Um, Mom, I think it is a little big...
Kami wanted to take our picture coming down the slide, attempt #1
attempt #2, much better ;)
There is a stage with cameras so the kids can see themselves on TV, the girls put on a show for us!