Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Recent Randoms

Karl woke up 4th of July morning suggesting we go to Bass Pro Shop. By the time we were all ready it was too late since we had a few things to do before heading to my parents for the BBQ. So Monday guess where we went?
They loved playing inthe tent...And looking at the fish!
It was a Bright, Hot day!

After the Bass Pro Shop we went to the Alameda County Fair

It was a Hot day! Can you tell by Paige's rosey cheeks?!
Look out, crazy driver behind the wheel!

Payton said "Look Mommy! A Zebra Chicken!"

Our little Butterfly! ( I let her sleep in it that night, I couldn't bear to wipe it off only an hour after paying $10 for it)
I cannot go to the fair without gettin one of these! So messy, and YUMMY!
Tuesday night Karl and I got a rare treat, a Date night! Karl skipped his softball game ( I know!) and we had a lovely dinner and cocktails at Horatio's, then headed to the A's vs Yankees game. So romanitc isnt it? (j/k) I love going to baseball games! Too bad they lost, but we definetely enjoyed a evening off! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa P for babysitting!
Our little slugger, she was such a mess, naked with Big Sissy's undies on over her diaper!(she has been into wearing Sissy's undies and trying to go potty in the big girl toilet, just like her sister!
Thursday we went out to Livermore to meet up with the girls cousins at the Community Pool. The girls had a great time swimming all afternoon, it is such a great pool for all ages! I had fun catching up with Jill while getting a little too much sun ;)
Payton is really starting to get comfortable in the water!
Payton and two of her cousins Katelyn and Kendall
Paige was a little fish too, loved the water and getting sprayed from the fountains!

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