Monday, July 19, 2010

Shame on Me!

I am so embarrassed, if you know me you know I love sending little notes, cards, or treats in the mail, and I have a thing about Thank you notes! It is just something that I feel should be done and I USED to be so good at it. But I dropped the ball big time on this one! I was cleaning off my desk and found a stack of thank you's from Payton's AND Paige's Bday! YIKES! I know I gave them out to Payton's little girlfriends but the rest are for Paige none have made it out yet. So, if you were one who should have received a Thank you, it is on it's way! Just wondering, does the wedding etiquette of sending thank you within one year apply for Bdays too? ha ha! I am going to say yes in hopes it makes me feel a little less guilty ;)

(I changed the wording on Paige's, since it has been so long...)

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