Sunday, July 11, 2010

God Bless America!

For 4th of July we went to my parents for their annual BBQ with family and friends! I found these adorable dresses at Old Navy for $14 plus 30% off! Couldn't pass them up ;) Payton made these fun colored sand filled baby jars with a votive on top for the tables, this was a class project we did with the kids at school, great way to get rid of those baby jars we have been storing!
Another one of Payton's decorations
Payton and Uncle, she made up a new game, seeing if Uncle could get it in the pool!

Dad, the Margarita Man

Paige and Grandpa had matching Tatoos!

Payton decorated her bike for the party

Daddy and Paige!
Enough Desert?
I made these fun ice cream cones to go with....
The homemade ice cream my cousin Terri made! As kids we would always help my Grandpa make homemade ice cream so when he passed Terri took his maker. Sadly the bucket had gotten rusty so she had to by a new one, but the ice cream was YUMMY!!

Paige "fell" into the kiddy pool so she had to change to her backup 4th of July outfit ;)

My mom bought a plastic horsehoe set this year, her and my Aunt both got ringers!
The Victory dance....

Karl got a few ringers too ;) My mom bought lotto scratchers for anyone who got ringers, sadly we didnt win aunt won $15 though!
Since fireworks are illegal in our county we resort to poppers. Kind of sad the girls cant enjoy what we did as kids but they still enjoyed what we had!What a blessed life we have to have the freedom to enjoy this holiday!

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