Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Baby Shower,some Baseball, & Barn Yard Fun

On Saturday Paige and I (Payton had a softball game) attended a beautiful shower for my "cousin" Sarah! Her sister Amie and one of Sarah's friends were wonderful hostess'

Paige and her new friend!
Everyone brought a onesie to hang on the clotheslines
Ellerie is so loved already!
A "wishes for Ellerie" tree

The amazing hostess'
Paige helped Sarah open pretty much every single gift!

Cutest thing ever! Pink golf clubs!
Sarah is due first, 4 days before me, Amie is due in September! Parker will have so much fun with his "cousins" Ellerie and Paul!
On Sunday Payton had a second game to make up for one of the rained out games.
I love her face, concentrating hard!

After the game we went out to Livermore to one of Grandpa's friends ranch to visit all of her animals! She had 17 baby lambs that were just adorable!
Payton was in heaven!

After the lambs we went to meet all of the other animals! I think Paige's favorite was Lulu the pig! Sweetest little pig!
A chicken...

Some horses...

A bunny...

And my personal favorite Taco the Donkey. He was sooo friendly and just hung out with us!

It was a Fun and busy weekend!

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