Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dear Santa,

The Friday after Thanksgiving is our day to get out alllll (every year Karl makes several comments about how many Christmas boxes there are ;) of the Christmas decorations, watch Christmas movies and be lazy!

They were all about helping put on the ornaments! (I love the help but I am a little anal about the tree so that night I did a little rearranging of ornaments ;)

I love our Tree!!
I LOVE unwrapping each ornament and the memories that each one holds, this angel is one of my favorites. She was my Grandma's ornament and when she passed we all went through all her ornaments and this was one I had to have. Each year when we helped her decorate her tree she would tell me she bought that angel because it reminded her of me. Now it reminds me of her...
Each year when we go to the city we pick out one special ornament to add to the tree, this was from the year we got married.

This guy was this years choice, I didn't have many snowmen ornaments.
This was purchased in Hawaii on our honeymoon

Baby's First Christmas, Paige
Even Karl has a few ;) Payton made a few of these last year, I love them! We had to move them to a higher spot after Roxy decided to eat one, yes she ate the dough ornament, paint, glitter and all! The Saturday after Thanksgiving we went to San Francisco for our annual visit with Santa and day of shopping!
Peeking in at Santa!

She wrote a letter to Santa and drew him a picture!

Paige was so excited to see Santa, until she actually SAW Santa haha!
Last year we had Mrs Claus as a buffer between Paige and Santa, she must have been busy making cookies at the North Pole this year, so I got to be the buffer...
I remember when my brother and I wore matching sweaters and sat on Santa's lap, time flies!
After warming up to Santa Paige told him what she wanted for Christmas this year! " Boo Baby" ( a peekaboo baby she saw at Target) and "Beeaast" ( she loves the Beast from Beauty and the Beast right now!!
After our visit with Santa we head to the Ornament Department and we each get to pick out a ornament.

Payton deposited her letter to Santa
The girls may have asked for more toys for Christmas but we realized, they would much rather have a cardboard box! They played with this for days! Decorating it and performing puppet shows!
May your days be Merry and Bright!!

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