Friday, January 6, 2012

7 Months

Better LATE than never right! Parker had an exciting 7th Month! He got to celebrate his 7 month Birthday in Disneyland!
He Loves playing Peek a Boo and will use anything he is holding or even his hands to hide his face with!
He has started waving Bye Bye, one morning he waved Bye to Daddy, it was so sweet!
He loves music (Fresh Beat Band, his sisters fav) and dances when he hears it! Even if there is no music on all you have to do is say "Go Parker" and he starts to move.
He Loves when we sing the ABC's! If he is crying and we start singing it he immediately stops crying! Payton is such a great big sis and sings to him in the car daily!
Patty cake is also a fav and he has started clapping all by himself!

He is such a boy! Always banging on things and grunting!
He pulls up on everything and is starting to walk while pushing a toy!
First visit to Disneyland!
He was such a good boy, definitely soaked it all in!
He loved Minnie's nose! Wanted to taste it ;)
He continues to be the happiest baby! When he is happy he lets out this adorable little giggle! His little personality is definitely coming out!
Happy 7 months little man!

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