Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cousins and Camping

Karl's brother and his family came for a visit! They live in Arizona and it was the first time we got to meet our niece Myla who was born on Christmas eve and the first time Parker got to meet his Auntie, Uncle and cousins!
Uncle Karl and Myla, color coordinated!
Parker with his cousin EliParker and Uncle Mark
The girls had fun visiting with their cousins!
That weekend we went CAMPING!
This year we went to Fallen Leaf lake in Tahoe
Paige looks excited!
With Parker being so young we decided to take Karl's parents motor home.We got in to town a day before everyone else so after we got settled in our campsite we drove over to Tahoe for dinner. We had a beautiful dinner at Riva Grill on the water.

Payton had a long day, she got car sick on the way up. She fell asleep at dinner poor thing!
Parker's first camping trip!Friday Fun at the Beach!
Parker did NOT like the waterThat night we hosted dinner at our site since our friends had just got into town, after dinner was SMORES!Or in Paige's case, marshmallows!
Paige and Levi roasting them up!The girls had so much fun with Levi, he just turned 2 and is such a sweet guy!
Of course, Paige and DIRT!
I know when you camp you get dirty but Paige practically rolls in it and pours it on herself!
Another day at the beach

Baby toesAfter the beach we went to Camp Richardson for ice cream!
Parker just hanging out, wishing he could have some yummy ice cream too!That night we went to the Jower/Jacinto camp site for dinner. The kids played charades, it was too cute!The girls with Levi and my good friend Gina's kids (she couldn't be there because she just had a baby boy so her husband brought all the kids to give her a little break;)

What a fun trip! Cant wait for next year!

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