Saturday, October 22, 2011

4 months!

4 Months!
14lbs 6 oz
25 1/2inches (AVERAGE!)
size 2 Diapers
3-6 or 6 month clothes
His burp cloths, always has one to snuggle or chew on!
Play gym and grabbing at all his toys (he is really rolling a lot and knocked over his play gym the other day so we probably cant use it much longer)
His Big sisters, watches everything they do and grabs for their hair!
Playing with his feet, I have a feeling he might start chewing on them soon;0)
To be tickled, he giggles so loud and waits for you to do it again
Bath time! he is a crazy guy, splishn' and splashn'
Jumparoo! we got it down a he likes it! He loves the toys on it and can make the lights and music go!
Snuggling by burpie
Trying out my Jumparoo! (on a side note, Mommy desperately wants to cut my hair!)
Mommy loves my Chunka Monka Legs! I love my play gym but don't really stay on it for too long! I'm rollin and scootin!
Our Parker Boo is such a happy, sweet guy! Loves to snuggle and smile!
He is doing great and is actually average on the charts for size! The Dr said we can start rice cereal and Mommy is hoping to move Parker into his big boy crib soon!

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