Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween from Team Pacheco!

We had a fun Halloween this year! Lots of parties!
This is Paige's class party!Paige And her best buddy Hayden! The two are attached at the hip! The teachers even nic named them Lucy and Ethel! (Paige is Ethel haha!)Parker loves watching all the kids!Yummy! They had a chocolate fountain for the kids to dip their goodies in, can you tell Paige enjoyed it? Even Hello Kitty got a taste!Payton and her buddy Shayla at their class party!The girls had so much fun carving pumpkins this year! Payton did one all by herself, start to finish and did a great job! Paige just wanted to color on them and poke holes ;)Mommy loves carving pumpkins, The girls requested Hello Kitty's this yearWe went to our friends house for our annual Trick or Treating!
Go Team Pacheco!The girls wanted to be cheerleaders (Paige had one stipulation, she wanted to be a purple cheerleader!) Luckily I found cute PURPLE costumes online. It actually worked out well because Karl's college football team was Purple and Gold!I ordered Parker a "jersey" with Daddy's favorite number and PACHECO on the back. My mom found him white pants and I couldn't not put those adorable little cleats on him! (They were from his build a bear hahah!)My Girls...This one is my favoritePaige and "Coach" KarlI was the referee, just like every other day! haha!Payton counted her candy the next day, 122 Pieces! (It was actually more but mommy and daddy snuck a few pieces after the girls went down)Parker tried so hard to get some too!Hope you all had a fun Halloween!

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  1. your family is so beautiful, looks like you had a fun halloween!