Saturday, November 26, 2011

Meet Buddy the Elf!

Last year I had seen this little guy and knew I wanted to do it this year! The girls saw the story at Pottery Barn Kids and I told them if they wanted him to come they had to ask Santa! Payton was super excited and wrote her note to Santa right away! Paige not so much...she did not like the idea of a little Elf running around our house and did no let me forget it! We reassured her he only came to life at night while she was sleeping and that she was not allowed to touch him because he might lose his magical powers! This made her feel more at ease so the day after Thanksgiving this guy appeared!
Payton noticed him immediately! She couldn't wait to hear the story and name him! Being as they had seen the movie Elf before "Buddy" was their name of choice!
That night Payton informed me Buddy was hungry! Each girl left him a M&M as a treat!
They would soon find out if you give an elf an M&M he is going to want MORE!!

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