Sunday, October 31, 2010

Boo! Happy Halloween to you!

Happy Halloween from Alice and The White Rabbit! I finally got around to taking the girls pictures last week. I am usually so much more organized with taking pictures and sending cards but it has been crazy around here lately!

And it actually ended up working out well with our theme this year! "We're late We're late for a very important date!"

My mom made Paige her little cover for over her bunny suit! It came out perfect and made the costume! Thanks Mom!!

Doesnt she make a perfect Alice?

I was so worried Paige wouldnt leave her hat on but once she saw peoples reaction to her cuteness she left it on the whole time and even asks to wear it at home!

Paige was working so hard at trying to pick up the "biiiiig" pumpkin, as she put it!

We hope your Halloween is Simply Wonderful!!

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