Sunday, October 10, 2010

Princess Payton and More

Last weekend Payton had, yup, another Birthday party! This one was for her "BFF" Kayla!
All of the girls dressed as their favorite Princess Even Jasmine and Belle came! (It sure is a good thing kids are so excited that the princesses were there that they overlook how much they do not look anything like the real princesses at all!!)

Paige actually sat still long enough to get her face painted!

Kayla's mom makes beautiful cakes for family and friends, this one did not disapoint!

Time for the tea party!

What a fun and eventful party!

Payton had quite a fan club at her soccer game last week! Kris and Levi came to watch her game!

Along with Aunt Sherri and Great Grandma Pacheco!

I had to share this, Payton had put on her Uggs so Paige wanted her boots on too. Pink cowboy boots, she had no pants on and was looking at her favorite Baby book in her Dolly stroller. I love it ;)

Friday night we went to the CVHS football game. It was our first one of the year since Karl is no longer coaching. It was a beautiful night!

Payton loved watching the cheerleaders!

Go CV!

Even though Karl isnt coaching he couldnt help but go on the field ;) He was like a kid in a candy store ;)

On Thursday I drove my Dear Friend to Stanford for one of her follow up appointments. She had a kidney transplant about a month ago and has to go twice a week to get checked out. She is doing AMAZING!Brenda's Doctor was running behind so Paige and I enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL day on the beautiful grounds of Stanford

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  1. Hi Jessica! Thanks so much for becoming a follower of my blog. Your family is just too precious for words! I have two blonde girls so I can totally relate to your posts and pictures. Your girls are beautiful. I am your newest follower =)

    Take care!