Sunday, November 7, 2010

Trick or Treat, Smell my feet...

We had a fun filled Halloween weekend! On Friday Payton had a Halloween party in her class. She was so excited!
Payton with her teacher Vanessa
The kids had fun decorating the classroom all week!

We signed up to bring a dessert, we made "eyeballs" out of Powdered Sugar Donuts. Payton had a blast putting on the frosting and candy!

Saturday night we carved pumpkins. Payton was really into this year and insisted on getting all the guts out herself! She did a really good job!
Paige wasn't as into "the guts" ;)

Payton drew her own face and for the most part carved it out by herself !
She even helped carve Paige's pumpkin!

On Halloween morning Karl's Grandma came over with a treat for the girls, Halloween cupcakes. Can you tell Paige enjoyed them?

Before we headed out to friends for trick or treating we stopped at Grandma and Grandpas so they could see the girls in costume and to have a quick Skype session with Uncle!

We had to visit one of my moms friends/neighbors too!

The kids were so excited to trick or treat! They pretty much ran from house to house!

Paige was into it to! She wouldn't let the people put the candy in her bucket, she wanted to hold it until she got to the next house and got a new piece to hold ;)

Payton and her Buddy Kamden

When we got back our lovely hosts, The Croghan's, had a movie outside on the big screen for the kids to watch!
Once the parents got the kids tucked in they all headed inside to watch the Giants game! The Dads were all following the game while trick or treating and couldn't wait to get back to watch the ending!
It was a great night! The girls crashed on the way home while Mommy and Daddy nibbled on their candy ;) Bad I know, but they will never know!

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