Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

On Monday we made the Traditional turkey hands. They loved painting their own hands and surprisingly were not as messy as I anticipated!

Paige signing her masterpiece!

I LOVE it!
On Tuesday Payton had her Thanksgiving performance at school! It was so adorable and her class and teachers did such a good job! I will try to post some video soon but the children memorized an entire Thanksgiving book and recited it to the audience along with several songs.

My brother has been home for the past week and the girls are beyond excited to have him back for Thanksgiving! Payton made a picture that said " I feel great when I get to visit my Uncle" and the picture she drew is of her waking Uncle up the morning after he got home.

One group were the pilgrims...

and the other half were Indians.

She was into it!

After the performance each child put a leaf on the tree and told everyone what they are thankful for, Payton said she was Thankful for her family!

Prettiest Pilgrim I have have ever seen! ;)

Grandmas and Uncle came to watch!

Payton with her teachers
That evening we celebrated Karl's Birthday (yes, it was a busy day!)
His parents had all the grandparents over for dinner and desert. This year Karl did not want me to make a cake, he wanted brownies instead.
We sure do have a lot to be thankful for this year, and as Payton said the thing that tops our list is family! We sure our blessed to have such wonderful family in our lives and look forward to spending the day with both sides of our families for Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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