Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Payton!

My baby girl is 5! Where are the years going!? We could not be more proud of the amazing girl she has become, a wonderful big sister, a loving and helpful daughter, and just a sweet girl!
We made cupcakes for Payton's class! Funfetti with pink and purple frosting! We recently saw Tangled so that was the "theme"!

I snuck up to Payton's class to help her celebrate!

Payton and her girls!
She stood in front of the whole class while they sang her Happy Birthday!


That night we had a little dinner party with the Grandparents and Uncle. Payton and Karl went to pick out her cake the night before, this is the one she chose!

Paige couldn't wait to stick her finger in it!

She got the Pillow Pet from Grandma A! Now all Paige wants is a Duck Pillow Pet! Good thing Grandma found one online and her Birthday is not too far off!
A new outfit for her American Girl Doll

Payton saw a Snow White cleaning set in a insert in the DVD. I thought it was going to be hard to find but Luckily Toys R us had it. Ah, my daughter, asking for a cleaning set for her 5th Birthday, so proud! hah!

She got right to work and told me she would be my cleaning lady! Just wondering why they dont make kids vacuums that really work, that would be nice!

Karl made Payton her special Birthday dinner. She requested the menu consist of Lemon chicken, Green Beans and Cesar salad! That's my girl! (Last year is was breakfast for dinner, I think this was a step up!)

Blowing out all five candles!

After the cake and ice cream hit her belly she passed out on the couch! It was a very exciting day for her!! She had a fun day with friends and family and got many thoughtful cards and calls! She is a very lucky girl!

And I just had to share this, this is what Paige woke up looking like in the morning! We call her the Porcupine and Payton the Lion because they always wake up with crazy hair!

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