Friday, January 7, 2011

Have You Ever had one of those Weeks?

I have to start by saying a BIG Thank you to my AMAZING Mom, who helped me and Karl out a great deal in so many ways this week! I don't know what I would do without her!

We had our "BIG" Ultrasound with Kaiser to check on the baby's progress, they take several measurements, etc. The appointment was at 12:30 so I left work a little early, did my water prep (ugh!) and got there around 12:20. I had called at 11 am to ask if they were on time and if I should do my water prep as scheduled. They never said "yes we are on time" but they told me to go ahead with my scheduled water prep times, which to me meant, they were on time! So when I checked in I said, are you guys on time, because I already have to go pee! She said Oh I think so, you should be her first patient when she returns from lunch. (This is one of the best parts) Then she hands me a Dixie cup and says, "well if you really have to pee try to just let out this much (and points to the middle of the Dixie cup). Bahhahahaha, was my reaction, then I quickly asked her if she had ever tried "cutting it off" once the flood gates opened! So they sent me into a internal waiting room where Karl met me shortly after. I soon saw the US tech walk down the hall and go into the US room. Great I thought! She is back from lunch, let's get in there are see out little guy! Two seconds later she walks out with her purse and her lunch wait a minute, I thought I would be her first patient when she returned from lunch, why is she just leaving for lunch? She grabbed my paper work and said " I am running about an hour behind, feel free to go grab some lunch and come back around 1:30". Wait what! So the first thing I did was PEE, then Karl and I went to the mall across the street and bought Parker a little something for his room. The Ultrasound was fun, Parker was alllll over the place (my fault I had my one soda for the day with lunch and he was enjoying it too)! The tech kept saying she was chasing him around and was having a hard time getting good pictures of everything she needed. She did confirm he was still a BOY, yay! and got us some cute profile shots to give to the girls!

Paige had not been sleeping well and was not her perky self. She had been scratching at her ear which usually mean, ear infection! I got her a mid morning appointment and my Mom was able to take her in while I was at work. She had a ear infection in one ear and the other ear was on the verge so she was sent home with antibiotics. Tuesday is my late day so when I got off at 4:30 and looked at my phone it had several missed calls and a few messages, none of the numbers I recognized. First message was from my NP telling me she had the results from the US and to give her a call back. Second call was from the Stage Two US dept in Oakland wanting to set up a second US. This did not freak me out as I had to go back for more pictures for Paige just because they were not all clear. When I called to make the apt I spoke to a genetics counselor who proceeded to tell me they thought something was wrong with Parker's brain because it was not measuring right, and that they also thought that he might have a cleft lip. Once she said the word Brain the rest just sounded like blah blah blah. The soonest apt we could get was Thursday afternoon. I held it together for a minute and told my work I could not work Thursday afternoon, got back in the car and LOST it!
Paige woke up at about 12:30 am wed morning. When I got her back to sleep, I myself could not go back to sleep, SO many thoughts going through my head. As I lay there I started to feel worse and worse, by 4:30 am I was barfing along with other things. My first thought was I had just worried myself sick! 6am rolled around, both girls were up and Karl was trying to get out the door and I started in barfing again. My mom came over a.s.a.p. to help get Payton ready for school and to take care of Paige. I was still convinced I was worried sick until I started to get super achy and warm. Paige had gotten a short flu on New Years Eve so maybe that is what I got also. I was in bed all day and did not feel much better until about 6 o'clock when I was finally able to hold down some toast. Karl got the girls a bath and ready for bed and when he came out he said, I'm not feeling so hot. Uh Oh. I knew it must be bad because Karl NEVER gets sick, I'm not exaggerating. By 9 when we were getting in bed Karl was hugging the toilet. I got in bed and then thought, I bet Payton is going to start soon... so I went and put a towel next to her in bed.
12:30 am, Payton started puking, despite my efforts to put the towel next to her, she missed it, hah! I tried... Poor thing was up almost every hour and between her getting up to get sick Paige was getting up, just because I think she heard all the commotion. It was a sleepless night! Karl stayed home and was miserable all day so my Mom came over again to help out. She was so nice and did all our laundry and changed all the sheets! I kept thinking about Parker and our 2:30 appointment. I was going no matter what, even if I had to go by myself with a barf bag. Luckily Karl was strong and went with me. Oakland US was amazing. No wait to go in and after she was done taking many more pictures, the Dr came right in to read it all and take a few more pictures. Despite being petrified they were getting some awfully cute pictures of Parker ;) When the Dr came in she immediately said whoever made the first US apt (one of the nurses) scheduled it 2 weeks early which can make it difficult to see everything they want to during the US, and then she told us he looked perfect! Everything was normal! Nothing abnormal with the brain, we saw first hand his cute little lips, and he is weighing and measuring right on track for 18 weeks! Thank you GOD! I held it together until we started to leave and then Karl put his arm around me and said "what a relief" and I lost it, again. So many different thoughts went through my head over those two days, and although I was relieved I could still feel this ball of tension in my body that I could not just let go! We immediately called our family and the few friends I had told (who I thank for their Prayers for Parker) and told them the great news! As soon as we got home Karl went back to bed and I just Vegged with my beautiful girls!

Today has been a calm relaxing day. Karl woke up like a new man and was up and off to work, I stayed home as Payton still had her fever and although my stomach felt better I was totally weak and wiped out, mentally and physically! It is 2:00, I'm still in my PJ's along with the girls and I wouldn't have ended this crazy week any other way!

I still have a It's a Boy post and a Christmas post that I am finishing up, Blogging has been the last thing on my mind this week ;)

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