Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's a Boy!

The Tuesday before Christmas Karl and I went to Adorable 3D Baby in Danville to find out if we were having a little boy or another Little girl! I told Karl's Aunt I had some last minute shopping to do and and asked if she could watch the girls for a few hours! No one knew we were even going to find out because we wanted to surprise them on Christmas! When we arrived at the appointment there was one couple ahead of us, you could hear them in the room oohing and ahhing over their baby. The wife came out (beautiful familiar looking blonde) and the husband just barely had his head out the door, I mean I think all Karl saw was his ear lobe and then he went back in for something and Karl goes " That's Kyle Boller! He is the back up quarter back for the Raiders and played for Cal!" I said what, how do you know that you didn't even see him, I said why don't you ask him if he plays football? Karl isn't like that so he didn't. They both came out again and were so friendly, chatting with us about how far along we were, told us they were having a girl..and off they went. As soon as they went out the door Karl and i started discussing who they were, the tech overheard us and confirmed Karl was right! Carrie Prejean and Kyle Bollard!
It was now our turn! I was so excited! The room was so beautiful and relaxing, like being in a hotel room.

She got started and we quickly saw our baby up on the big TV. After about two seconds the tech looked at me like, "do you see it?" I thought I saw it but I wanted to hear it from her mouth, after blankly staring at her she finally said "Its a BOY!" I lost it! Then I said wait are you sure, like 100% sure? She then showed us our little guy moving around and came back to "his goods" about 5 times! She then said I am 150% sure and I would not tell you otherwise! Karl and I could not be more excited to be having a little boy! His name will be Parker Anthony, we have always liked Parker, there were a few other names we liked but have close friends who got to them first ;) His middle name is after Karl, his father, and his grandfather's middle name. Kind of a tradition for the oldest boy in the family's middle name to be Anthony. Luckily I love the way it sounds! Cant wait to meet our little guy! I know it will be a whole new ball game after having my two girls!

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  1. Love the pictures and glad you guys got the 3D to find out! And yeah, it will be completely different with a boy! ;) and as weird as it sounds and even though we haven't met him or seen his face I can't see him as being anything but Parker Anthony!