Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Busy Week!!

Payton is starting softball soon so Karl wanted to take her to get a glove. There were a lot to choose from but not many small enough for her. We found one and brought it home, only for Karl to go online to a special "softball site" and order her a better one. I think Karl is way more into this than Payton is at this point ;) He was like a kid in the candy store! A bat too?

Paige found the helmets! She was so busy in the store, finding balls, hula hoops, and hiding in clothing racks! She was full of it!
That afternoon was SuperBowl and Karl's Uncle's 50 th Birthday! Karl's Aunt threw him a surprise party at a restaurant in Pleasanton.

Paige and Payton had so much fun playing with their Aunties and Cousins all day!

Monday Payton got to work on her secret Valentine! Each child drew a name and had to make a gift that they thought their secret Valentine would like. Payton got a little boy, all we knew was he liked video games and his favorite colors were black and red.
She chose a treasure box to paint and made him a necklace with his name on it.
Paige wanted to paint too, just like Big Sis!

On Wednesday Payton wore her Pajamas for Not quite Night day.
I think these froggy jammies are the cutest thing!
My mom's friend gave them to the girls for Christmas!
At school they got to "do their makeup" (she needs a few more lessons on application and I will have to break it to her that less is more;)

They got to pretend to shave, and made a yummy breakfast of pancakes and sausage!

Payton finished her secret Valentine and had to turn it in on Thursday. They exchanged on Valentines Day! Payton was really proud of her gift and was very concerned about who drew her name!

Thursday was Paige's second Birthday! (more on that in a separate post)

Friday was the 100th day of school! Payton's class had a party to celebrate!

The children had the option to make a project using 100 somethings. Since it was such a busy week, we painted 100 polka dots on her nails, and counted out 100 -100 confetti's (I don't know why I had "100" confetti's on hand but I did!)

Friday evening Payton had her first softball practice! I think she did great and had a lot of fun with the other girls! Her team name is the Pixies, their sponsor is the Pixie Stix! I love it! Oh and the best part, their colors are hot pink and black! ;)

Paige played catch with Daddy while Sissy practiced

Go Sissy!

It was a busy week, I am glad its over. I will post soon on Paige's Birthday and the girls Birthday party!

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