Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Look who's 2!

I cannot believe my baby is 2!
She LOVES "Wopples" and this morning she got a extra treat of whipped cream and sprinkles on them!

That night we had our parents and grandparents over for dinner and cake. One of Payton's friends mom makes adorable cakes and made this duck cake for Paige! Paige is really into ducks lately. Not sure where it came from but we went with it for her little bday theme.

Paige is telling me she is "two" ! She does not hold up two fingers on the same hand but rather two pointer fingers, whatever works right?

Before it was even time to open presents she found her pillow pet duck from Grandma A. in the gift bag! Grandma had to special order the duck as there were no duck pillow pets anywhere to be found!

Uncle Andy even ordered her two duck books and had them shipped from San Diego!

Who can eat when there are ducks to play with? Mommy, Daddy and baby! She is really into families right now, there always has to be a mommy, daddy and baby something!

Mommy found this adorable duck place setting and couldnt pass it up!

"Happy to me" is what she sings! Still a month later I will catch her singing it to herself!
Paige and Daddy
Paige is such a 2 year old! She LOVES a show on Nick Jr called the Fresh Beat Band and cannot get enough of her favorite character Kiki! She dances and sings and plays the guitar like Kiki! She even has to put on tights and a skirt and "dance shoes" like Kiki! She still loves her baby and surprisingly took to the new "no shoes baby" that she got for her birthday (the old one was getting pretty dirty!). She is almost 22 lbs, off of formula (yaay$) and now only drinks lactose free milk! She is on her way to being Paci free which will be nice and hopefully she will not revert back to when Parker comes along! She is also getting more and more comfortable with her potty seat! She had a regular one but last weekend while at babies r us we found the perfect potty seat, a duck! When you pee in it it quacks for you hah! We sure do love our Paigey Pie! She cracks us up everyday and love hearing her talk more and more! Although she is definitely a little spit fire and keeps us on our toes, she is a very good girl!!

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  1. What a lovely 2nd birthday Paige had! She is such a cutie!