Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Love was in the Air

Since I still havent even finished my Chrsitmas post I promised myself I would do a Valentines post BEFORE St Patricks Day, I made it!
The girls had fun making mailboxes this year, Payton even decorated one for Parker, "for next year" she said.


Paige was not feeling well, when her nose runs, she wipes it, with her sleeve....

This was her second nap of the day, proof she did not feel good!

And because she wipes SO much, her cheeks turn into to this! Poor thing!Payton was not feeling good either, but she would not miss her Valentines party and secret valentine exchange for the world!

She got a Valentine from Spencer, the boy who asks her all the time who she is going to marry....oh boy! I told her to tell him she has AT LEAST 20 years before she has to think about that!

He made her some cute cookies and gave her a really cute reusable sandwich pouch made with Valentine fabric!

After her little exchange Grandma picked her up early since she was not feeling well

When we got home we found this! Roses! Karl had stopped home with beautiful roses (he even put them in one of my favorite vases), and got each of the girls a single red rose. He is such a good Daddy!

Payton cozy on the couch, trying to feel better. She was home sick the rest of the week ;(

This year we made the CUTEST Valentines for Payton's friends! I saw this idea online and had to do it! My friend Breanna took the pictures and I added wording to them on Picnik. Had wallets printed at costco, cut slits for the lollipop with an exacto knife and got these! Loved them!

Payton was so cute, she colored and cut tons of hearts and "decorated" the whole house with them! This one was adding Valentine cheer to the bathroom ;)Hope your Valentines Day was filled with LOVE!

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  1. Love the pops! One of my bloggie friends did them too but she had her daughter hold her hand straing in front so it didn't look good once it was put together!!! I then attempted to do it with Eli but my child refuses to cooperate! We were holding the lolipop for him to reach for but instead he screamed until we gave it to him, which is why is is beaming in his picture with Myla!!! ;) All of his pictures turned out with him screaming! Maybe next year!