Monday, March 21, 2011

Let's Rewind a Little...

Let's Rewind a little... here is some of what we have been up to the last few weeks! Payton had opening day for softball last weekend!
Warming up with Daddy!

Aren't their uniforms so cute! We definitely got the good colors!!
Apparently in Girls softball the thing is to wear crazy socks! I did not know this and so when we got there it was so fun to see all the different socks the teams had! Payton's team also got a black pair with pink stars to alternate with!

Daddy really needs to get Payton her own helmet, all of the ones they have are way too big!

Payton did great and got two hit without the T! Most importantly she had FUN!!

After the game we went to pizza with the team, the girls had a blast!

The girls had their 5 year and 2 year check ups. They are both happy healthy girls!

Payton weighed in 37 lbs and Paige at 22! Both peanuts like Mommy ;)
That evening we went to Karl's parents to celebrate Grandma Jan's Birthday!

Over Presidents weekend we planned a long weekend to the Cabin! I was so excited to get away and let the girls play in the snow, unfortunately that is not at all how it turned out!

When we arrived around 8:30 I noticed on the way up our road no ones lights were on, then we saw one Utility truck after another.... not a good sign!
As we suspected there was no power at the cabin when we arrived, and boy was it COLD! It started snowing just as we were unpacking and never stopped!

Karl made us two fires one downstairs and one upstairs in an attempt to warm up the place. The power had been off for a few days already which meant the heater had not been on for a while.

Trying to get cozy and stay warm!

We had a family slumber party as close to the fire as we could. I can honestly say I did not sleep a wink! Between being freezing, constantly poking the fire and adding logs, and having Roxy try to sleep on top of us to keep warm, it was a sleepless night.

When we woke up it was still snowing and SO beautiful outside!
The girls went out on the deck for about 10 minutes before getting too cold. With there being no power, there was really no way to come in and warm up either.

There is a big stuffed bear footrest that we brought up to the cabin a few years ago. Paige did NOT like it and he had to be covered at all times. I have no idea why she was so freaked by it!

Daddy and his girls!

With there being no power and the snow continuing to fall we made the quick decision that it would be best to head home. Easier said than done! The driveway and our little street was not plowed, making it a adventure to get out! My husband is an excellent driver and I trusted him but it still made me nervous!

On our way out there were downed trees everywhere! At one point we had to turn around and go all the way back past the cabin to get out another way

Never been so happy to see a plowed road!
Sunday we decided to enjoy the rest of our long weekend and take the girls to the park. Paige loves the swing!

Although it wasn't what we expected for the weekend we still enjoyed relaxing and getting a few things done around the house!

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  1. Bummer about the cabin! You guys are lucky you have one to go up too and get away from the world for a bit! I LOVE the outdoors! Too bad it snowed but at least an adventure for the girls!