Thursday, March 24, 2011

Star of the Week and Pearly Whites

Payton is Star of the Week!
It goes alphabetically so she has been anxiously waiting for her turn!The Star of the Week makes a poster all about themselves and has special privileges at school. The thing I love the most is all of the kids draw a picture and write why they like Payton. The book is so special and is something we will definitely keep forever! My favorite page was from a boy named Reed.. " I like Payton because she is SO cute" hah! And there were several others from boys stating they liked Payton because she chases them, I think we're in trouble!
Payton Leigh Pacheco
I am 5 years old.
My favorite animal is a Cat.
My favorite color is PINK.
My favorite food is Pizza.
Arizona is my favorite place to visit.
When I grow up I want to be a Doctor.
My favorite thing to do is have a sleepover at Grandmas.
If I had one wish it would be for a puppy.

Payton had a dentist appointment and did great! No cavities and was a very cooperative girl for the dentist!

While there they talked me in to getting Paige's teeth checked too. The first visit is free so I agreed. I have to say I should have waited because I didn't get much out of that free visit. Paige was not thrilled with them looking at her teeth! She sat on my lap and let them clean her teeth (took a while but they did it), then they put a coating on her teeth, that did NOT go so well. The only way they got the stuff on her teeth was when she was screaming at her loudest haha! But her teeth looked great, no cavities either! Hope that continues and they have Daddy's teeth! 32 and never had a cavity!
Paige sucking the leftover "toothpaste" off of her Tickling Tiger tooth polisher.

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