Saturday, March 26, 2011

29 weeks

29 Weeks
Weight Gain: 25 lbs
Maternity Clothes: Still a Mix, just ordered some new maternity clothes since I am running out of clothes that fit
Size of Baby: About 2 and a half lbs
Gender: Boy! Parker Anthony
Movement: He is constantly kicking and doing somersaults
Sleep: Ughh!
What I miss: Being able to bend over & a good nights sleep
Cravings: Still sweets, and cereal!

I am 29 weeks! Time is still flying! We met with the Dr this week to go over birthing options. Since I had a C-section with Paige I have the choice if I would like to do a VBAC or another C-section. After going over the pros and con's of each the Dr was rather surprised that I (at this point in time) am electing for another C-section. I just feel like it is the best decision for me/us and having been through both birthing experiences I preferred the C-section (I know some may think I'm nuts but my experience with natural birth was just as bad if not worse than c-section). So, with that said we have scheduled the c-section but can change our mind at anytime prior! Looking forward to meeting our little guy in about 2 months!! We have started painting his room and hope to finish tomorrow so we can put it back together! We are still waiting on bunk beds for the girls so in the mean time Paige is sleeping in her Port a crib in Payton's room. I must say they are enjoying it and Paige loves talking to her sister after the light are out! It is so cute to listen to!

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