Thursday, March 3, 2011

Under the Sea Birthday Party for 2

This year I decided to combine the girls birthday parties, they are only a month apart and because I Christmas I always push Payton's party back a few weeks anyways! Plus at this age I don't think Paige minds ;)

I decided since I was doing one party for both it would be much easier to just have it at a play place. It was so nice not to have a big mess to clean up and no cooking to do!
The play place has several rooms but I chose the "fish tank". It is so fun! There are only black lights in the room so all of the wonderful under the sea artwork glows on the walls! A parent at my school works for Disney, she brought in these cut outs of every character you could think of! They used to be hanging in the Disney store! I took a Ariel and a Jessie (Toy Story). After thinking I should take more, they were all gone!
My mom ordered this "vintage" mermaid cake pan off ebay, baked the cake and my dad decorated it! He does such a good job and is so patient! It is so fun that my dad made me cakes when I was a little girl, now he is making them for my little girls!
My friend Kristina made these ADORABLE cookies for us! So nice to have crafty friends!
My big 5 year old!

Fun fun fun!

Paige just adores my friends baby girl Lulu!

Happy Birthday to you!
Make a wish!

I love this picture!

Love the Dollar Tree!
The girls had a great time! I definitely think having the party at a play place is the way to go ;)

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