Thursday, May 19, 2011

37 weeks

37 Weeks!

2 weeks from today I will be snuggling my little guy! I had a appointment on Friday, everything looked great except for at my last blood test my iron was the lowest it had been. I had upped my iron pills to 2 times a day since so the Dr wanted me to do another full blood work up to see if it had gone up. If it hadn't I would need a iron shot since I will be having surgery. Luckily my iron levels had gone up 2 points and I am now taking 3 iron pills a day just to be safe. This Wednesday is our Pre-op appointment where I am hoping we will get all of the details for our scheduled c-section. Friday was my last day of work so I have been enjoying myself and the girls this week! Little bit of cleaning, organizing, washing, shopping...getting everything in order!

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