Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Randoms

Since I haven't been keeping up with posts lately, here are some pictures of what we have been up to this busy month!

Paige is LOVING school! Since I have been off work she has been super clingy and it has been harder for her to separate. Once she is there she loves "playing" with her friend Hayden! Mother's day I had the girls make special pictures for the Grandmas using their hands. Payton cut them out and glued them on, Paige colored her hand butterflies!

We had a nice brunch at the Golf course to celebrate Mother's Day and my brother's Birthday

(It was cold and WINDY)
Happy Birthday Uncle!

That evening we went to Karl's parents for dinner and to celebrate Mother's Day with his mom and Grandma's
My amazing Bosses held a luncheon that was a baby shower/teacher appreciation lunch! It was such a beautiful day by the pool!

Everyone generously pitched in and got us a beautiful Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper bag and a generous gift card to PBK so we could complete our registry!

My last day of work was Friday May 13th! My sweet partner Myeesha planned a little "baby shower" with the kids, they made this fun sign (I love the batman and Superman onesies;)

She read stories all day about babies...

We played with babies,
Made babies, (notice "Johnnies" baby is a boy! haha!

A very hairy boy haha!

May 14th, Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade

We walked to the parade and watched for a short while before Payton had her last softball game!

Payton had her last softball game and a little trophy ceremony afterwards. She has a really fun time this season and talks about playing again next year!

She loves being catcher! She has a really good stance but she is so tiny the gear makes it hard for her to get up and down to throw the ball and to walk haha!

Paige playing in the dirt with the boys! More Grandpa more!

when the game was over the girls tackled the coach
Uncle came to watch!

Way to go Payton!

Payton's fan club!

Wednesday May 18th, Team Penning at RR

I took this picture to make sure my camera still worked, I dropped it big time right as we were leaving! Thankfully it has been ok!

Waiting for Daddy to ride!
Daddy's team actually got a time this year! Nothing good enough to place though

Dancing with Daddy
The girls played with their "cousin" Taylor the whole time! They loved her hat

FRiday night was the Bull riding competetion, this is a new favorite of all of ours!

Those guys are CRAZY! Paige was LOVING it!

Saturday the 21st was my Mom's Birthday! We had a yummy dinner at the prickly pear cantina in Blackhawk plaza
After dinner the girls played at the playground

Paige was obsessed with all the ducks!

Sunday was Payton's Softball end of season party! We held it at our Bowling alley and had a pizza party after. Since I was one of the team moms I was in charge of it all! What was I thinking being 9 months prego and all? But it turned out nice and I was so glad when it was over!

Gifts for the coaches

My friend Kristina made these adorable cookies for each of the girls!

Paige's Racoon class held a Art Gallery on the 26th! They had studied several diffferent artists and had the kids make art using different techniques

Paige admiring her work!

May flew by! I cant believe it is June tomorrow!

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