Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Busy Weekend

This weekend was a busy one! We went from one thing to the next!! Payton had her second soccer game on Saturday, and it was HOT! We think she is having fun but as is directly quoted from her coach "she doesn't have a mean bone in her body, she will definitely be an offensive player!" In other words, she wont steal the ball or even block an opposing player who does ;) But as long as she is having fun, that's all that matters!!

We stopped home for a quick wardrobe change and then headed to a Birthday party for my friends daughters.

After the party we headed home to wait for Grandma and Grandpa P. They took the girls to McDonald's for a few hours while Karl and I had the pleasure of hosting a dinner party with The Cort's and Elder's.

Sarah couldn't wait to pop open the Vino!

At the Relay for Life walk Amie bid on and won a dinner which included a Personal Chef to come and prepare a meal for us! Thanks for sharing Amie!! It was amazing! My kind of dinner party!! The chef and her two assistants prepared a delicious menu for us and even did most of the dishes!

Roxy couldn't keep her nose out of the kitchen, luckily the chefs didn't mind ;)

Can you say Yummy!!

The girls came home during desert which was fun, the enjoyed playing with the guests!

Yes, even the boys helped with the dishes!! We are lucky ladies!

Polished off a few bottles, and still had a few left over ;)

The girls had so much fun tormenting, I mean playing with Eric, and playing hide and seek with Amie and Sarah!

Sunday afternoon Payton had soccer pictures. It was so cute! My little peanut was of course the shortest so she was first in line!

After pictures we went to the Fall Festival here in town. Karl worked at the CV Sports Foundation booth for a few hours so we walked around, listened to some music,jumped and got ice cream!

I think next weekend will be much more relaxing!

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