Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Go Go Grasshoppers!

Payton had her first "real" soccer game on Saturday. She has done kidz love soccer through our rec department the last few years but now she is officially part of the Castro Valley Youth Soccer League!

She is on a Under 5's team and all of that age groups teams are called The Grasshoppers

They split up the teams into two and have two 15 minute games going, so it is pretty much 3 on 3.
Payton always had a smile on her face while running back and forth, following the herd with the ball. She did not have much interest in getting the ball or taking it away from anyone ;) But when she did, she got a GOOAALL!

Right after her game we went home for a quick change of clothes then headed over to Golden T for a Birthday party!

The kids "patiently" listening to the rules

Before it was our turn to golf the kids opened up their goody bags, each one included a water gun. I got a kick out of this because having 2 girls, we do not have guns, nor do the girls even pretend to shoot etc. But once Payton got out her gun she had a ball with the boys!

Payton was so excited to play! We have played pee-wee golf before at the cabin but never at this course!

Payton and her Golf partner Dean.

That evening CVSoccer held a opening ceremony night, consisting of jumpy houses, booths and a parade for all the teams.
Payton has made a new friend from her team, Danica.

Paige showing some soccer spirit ;)
(Can you tell it was FREEZING that day?)

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  1. Does it amaze me that Payton still has her hair very cute ESPECIALLY when playing soccer! I love it. I also love Paige's hat...Jessica you are the BEST.