Monday, September 27, 2010

Pearly Whites!

Payton had her first "real" visit to the dentist! She had been before to be introduced to the tools etc, but this visit was complete with x-rays and cleaning! She got her picture taken when we first arrived! The office is so cute, like a beach/shipwreck theme.

X-rays went great! Took a bit to get used to biting on the film but she did it!

I was so proud of her! I could tell she was nervous and started asking if it would hurt. The hygienist was so great and showed her what every tool would feel like on her hand before she used it in her mouth!

Paige was very interested in what they were doing to her sister!

Payton wore glasses while they cleaned, Paige wanted to wear some too!

All done! No cavities! YAY!!! Let's hope she has her Daddy's teeth, at 31 he has yet to have a cavity!

She got to pick a few prizes and came home with a backpack full of goodies, both of our favorite being the timer to brush with! She is loving it and willingly brushes for a good amount of time now!

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