Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bagels and Baseball

Payton's Grandma Pacheco is out of town this weekend, this usually means a date with Grandpa... so Grandpa told Payton he would take her out to breakfast. Time: was to be determined in the morning. Well morning came around, EARLY morning and Payton was ready to go! I made her wait until 8am before she called Grandpa haha! He took Payton to get a Bagel (her choice) and then said he had "some running around to do". Needless to say 2 1/2 hours later Payton returned... but not empty handed! Grandpa got her a new bat and ball set a BIG coloring book and they even thought of Paige and brought her a talking Elmo doll. They had to stop at the store because Grandpa "needed batteries". Payton sure has her Grandpa wrapped around her little finger!
Waiting for Grandpa...(I finally got my pots planted on Wednesday)
This afternoon we joined our friends for a A's game in celebration of our good friend Jake's Birthday! It was a PERFECT day for it! We tailgated before hand, compliments of Jake's girlfriend and mom (great setup ladies) and then enjoyed a great game that the A's won in the 9th inning! The girls did great and enjoyed lots of treats!! Instead of Paying an arm and a leg for treats inside the park, Nicole brought this adorable basket of goodies for everyone to bring in with them!Payton and the Potato chips, she was stationed there for a good portion of our tailgating ;)The girls had so much fun playing catch with our friend Neil, he was so good with them and was cracking them up!The Coliseum was looking good with the beautiful blooming ice plant, Way to go Pacheco Brothers! (as Karl says it just takes a little fertilizer and a lot of weeding!)This is what happens when she sits with Daddy, what I like to call a ragamuffinJackie (The Birthday Boy's Niece) waited so patiently for her Rainbow snow cone!! They finally came around!
The Birthday Boy and Nicole

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