Saturday, April 10, 2010

Batter Up!

Karl started up Softball again this week, the girls love watching him! We don't get to go to too many games unless they start at 6:30. Otherwise the girls don't make it without falling asleep or having a melt down... Last season Paige was so small she just sat in her stroller but this time she wanted to be as close as possible to watch! Paige was crawling around and then suddenly stopped and lifted her leg, just like a dog haha! Of course all of us in the stands started cracking up so she did it over and over again to get a reaction out of us. Yes we have a dog, but she is a girl and does not lift her leg so I have no idea where she got this came from!

Payton loved her new friend Siena who was also there to watch her Daddy play!

Karl's team won the game and Karl got a home run!! Great way to start off the season!!

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