Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Weekend

What a Full and Blessed Easter Weekend we had! Activities, a Birthday Party, and Easter day with both sides of Karl's Family!
This year Payton (and Paige) made Easter cards for all of their Grandparents and Great Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles! Payton loves writing and anything crafty so she put a lot of time into each card!

In her Adorable Easter shirt from Uncle Mark and Auntie Karla! We love Target!

"Making" cookies for the Easter Bunny! Daddy got to most of them first though...

After patiently waiting to Hard Boil the Eggs we finally got to "dye" them, only she did not want anything to do with the dye, she only wanted to paint them with the fancy glitter paint that we got! Daddy on the other hand did the old fashioned dipping!

So sparkly and Beautiful!
Sissy watched from her high chair the whole time, but was NOT interested in getting her picture taken with Payton and the eggs...

Payton was so tired she fell asleep on the couch way before bed time ;)
On Saturday Payton had a Birthday party for a friend from school at the Shoreline Interpretive Center. It was fun for Karl and I to go since we used to go there (a LONG TIME AGO) as kids for bike rides and field trips!

It was a beautiful clear day!

Check out those Chompers!

Payton and the Birthday Girl on a mission to find Sea Snails!

Here I am posing for the picture and Karl being the wonderful photographer he is cut my whole head off.. oh well!

The kids got to feed the Leopard sharks and other fish!

This is Paytons friend Addy. She was my student last year and is now in Kindergarten. When Payton started at Woodroe Woods at age 2, Addy was her little mother hen, taking her under her wing. She is a year and a half older and twice as tall as Payton but they are such sweet firends!

The Easter Bunny came!!

The Easter Bunny's snack! Acookie decorated by Payton, carrots and as per Paytons suggestion Milk... I guess she figured since Santa gets milk so should the Easter Bunny!

The "Easter Bunny" hid Eggs all over the house!

Paige finally woke up to join the fun!

Big Sister got a Soccer net from the Bunny and couldnt wait to go outside and try it out, it was cold and windy so poor Paige has to watch from the door...

Our first stop of the day was to Karl's Uncle Neal and Aunt Jill's house in Livermore. The girls had so much fun playing with their cousins!
Paige with her Great Grandma Hornbeck, the sweetest woman ever!

Easter Lunch, Uncle Neal's BBQed chicken and Ribs! yum!

Paige playing with the boys haha!

And Payton with the girls! They made a Do Not Enter sign for Katelyn's Door, when I finally go them to open the door Payton tells me, "Didnt you read the sign Mommy?"Time for the Easter Egg hunt! Youngest kids got a 3 minute head start!

Even Paige got a egg!

After a short trip home to Bake the Apple Pie we headed over to Karl's Grandma Pacheco's House! The girls had fun with their cousin Tori!
The girls got spoiled with Easter gifts from their Great Aunts and Uncles! New dresses, a bathing suit, toys and CANDY!

Why bother filling the basket, Paige just wanted it to be a new accessorie!

Karl's Grandpa who passed a few years ago had the most beautiful Orchids in their yard, Karl's Grandma picked some and displayed them on the dinner table! It was a nice way of remembering him on Easter.

So when we got home I tried for one last shot with the girls and their baskets, this is what I got...

Although the Eggs, and Candy and Bunny's are fun, this Easter was a Blessed one because we had what matters the most, a loving family to share it with!

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