Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Hollow, Mud Pies & A Treat for Me

Last Thursday we went down to San Jose to Happy Hollow Park and Zoo! My Aunt lives in SJ and was on spring break (she is also a teacher) so she invited us to meet her there! My Aunt Sue used to take my cousins and I there when we were young so it was neat to now be taking my girls too. The park had been closed for a few years while the re-did the whole place. We enjoyed it all!
The puppet castle theatre
Peek a Boo!

Payton saw this mini-roller coaster and had to go on it! Despite my efforts to talk her out of it (not b/c I didn't want to go, b/c the line was over a hour long wait!) we waited over an hour for a 60 second ride! She loved the first time around and then the second time around I looked over at her and you would have thought she had seen a ghost! But she loved it!

When we got closer in line we were next to the coaster cars and I noticed this...

So cool! The ride was supposed to be like a old fruit train, I told Payton the roller coaster was made just for us! ;)

On the other side of the park was a little zoo, the girls both loved the noisy Lemurs

The crooked house! I remember it so clearly from when I was a kid! You climb up to the second floor and there is a big spiral slide down the middle. Sad thing it was closed for repair...


Petting Zoo

oops, where is Paige?

I was so proud of Payton, this was not a easy rope/net to cross. She tried SEVERAL times but never gave up and finally made it all the across!

The girls love playing in the dirt, Payton has loved since she was Paige's age, and Paige is taking playing in the dirt to the next level. The girls have buckets and shovels that they use and just leave them up in the planter, this means when the sprinklers come on the buckets fill with some water. As we all know Dirt + Water = MUD! Only Paige would find the bucket WAY at the other end of the planter with the MUD in it! She was having so much fun I didn't want to stop her... which was VERY hard for me!
She just kept picking it up and watching it splat on the wall! And of course she went right in the bath afterwards...

Oh! And I almost forgot! This Sunday I attended a Beautiful Bridal Shower (without the girls which was a nice break ;) for my long time friend and childhood next door neighbor Michele. She now lives in Missouri so I don't get to see her much so this was a treat! The best part was I won!! If you had a flower sticker on the bottom of your favor, you got to take home one of the amazing centerpieces made by the bride to be's cousin. This is now what I am enjoying on the entry table!

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