Sunday, April 18, 2010

When Life Throws You Lemons...

Make Lemonade, Literally! On Friday I took the girls over to their Great Grandma Pacheco's for a visit. She has a HUGE Lemon tree out back so her and Payton went and cut a bunch of lemons for us to enjoy ( it was so cute watching Payton carefully choose each lemon, some were HUGE)! At first I just washed them and put them in one of my jars because they are so pretty and colorful on the table, but today was so nice out I got in the mood for some fresh Lemonade. Come to find out, out of all the gadgets and gismos in the kitchen we do not have a juice squeezer or a net like strainer for the seeds. Guess I will be suggesting those as stocking stuffers next year!
I went online and found a recipe (not like there is much to it, but believe me if anyone can screw up something this simple it is me) and Karl started squeezing! Payton supervised of course! It turned out so delicious we all had some with dinner!

While Karl and Payton were making Lemonade, Paige was playing with her favorite thing.... Dirt!

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