Sunday, June 6, 2010

Celebrating 70 years and a Lazy Sunday

Friday was my Dad's 7oth Birthday! I can't believe it! He really does not look or act a day over 60 (in my opinion). We went out to dinner with the family to celebrate! He DID NOT want a party so we kept it simple...

My sister and her family came along with both of my brothers

Paige had her favorite, beans and guaca!

My little Chef!

Saturday was a lazy day until my mom called to see if we wanted to join my parents for dinner at Outback, who can pass up a bloomin onion and Wallaby Darned (best Peach drink EVER!!!)

All Paige wanted to do was walk around the restaurant and wave to everyone... and be a "superstar"! That is what I say when she puts on her glasses, she gets this sassy walk and confident look on her face!

After dinner we went to my parents for cake and ice cream (we ran out of time on fri night, Paige was dunzo by the time we finished dinner)
She takes cake and ice cream seriously, a spoon for each hand!
Payton's favorite spot in Grandma's Bay window

Sunday was a beautiful lazy day! Karl washed my filthy car for me, I attempted to clean up the house and we played in the back yard most of the afternoon

Paige and her accessories

Payton received the flower shop as a gift when Paige was born, and let me tell you, it was the perfect gift. She was so entertained by it for weeks while we all got adjusted to having a new baby in the house. Since it took up most of the family room we put it away a while ago but today she was asking for it so we got it out again. Paige loved it too. I love watching Payton let her imagination take over!! soon after it was a flower shop, it became my hotel room, she brought me room service and flowers to cheer me up since I was "there" alone and "missed my loved ones". Where does she come up with this stuff!?

We had a visitor this weekend, Eleanor. She is Karl's parents dog and Paige just ADORES her! She is the sweetest dog but is getting pretty old...

Paige has figured out the slide for the most part, except she watches sissy stand up on it and jump off so she thinks she should be able to do that too, ahh!

Roxy is so great with the girls...

Paige kissing the frog, unfortunately it did not turn in to a Prince!
(She is sporting sissy's headband that she put on herself)

Literally RIGHT before we were going in for dinner she found mud, I don't even know where, and got filthy. What can I say the girl loves dirt!

Paige got a "Boo boo" on her finger the other day. She tried to stick it down the drain hole in the shower (the kind with the little squares). I am not sure if it was really stuck or if Payton just reacted too fast but Payton yanked her finger out of the hole, and took a chunk of skin off with it. Have you ever tried getting a 15 month old to leave a band-aid on her finger? Almost impossible but she is starting to forget it is there...

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  1. HOLY COW, I didn't know your Dad was even close to 70! He really doesn't seem like it. In all honestly I really did think that he was around 60! Poor Eleanor looks so tired :(