Thursday, June 10, 2010

I "Heart" Thursdays

I "heart" that Payton is having her Pre-School Graduation this Saturday! I am so excited to see her sing in her new dress and graduation cap!! OK, honestly I have mixed feelings about this, I tear up every time I think about my baby girl going to "kindergarten". I say kindergarten in parenthesis because Payton technically missed the cut off for going to K next year. But since I work at a wonderful place that provides private K, she is heading up to the Red Apple in the fall. I just cannot see her having a whole nother year of Pre-K, she is ready for more... So the plan is to have her do K this year and then repeat K at the public school next year. We are not going into this with high expectations, we just want her to have fun, and her K teachers already know that. It was a tough decision and I still am second guessing myself but I know she will be fine no matter what the outcome!

Paige wanted to walk in the line just like the big kids!

Where's Payton? Ok, my Peanut Payton got put right behind one of my tallest students, it was so funny, you could not see her at all!! Don't worry, on Saturday there will be a stage and we will adjust the children by height!

I "heart" Paige and her dancing skills. Today was the rehearsal for my schools graduation performance and let me just say, Paige stole the show. Everyone was cracking up at her while the kids were practicing. I adore her...


  1. How exciting! I remember when I graduated Woodrow I am old

  2. Paige has some amazing dancing skills!!! Happy Graduation Payton!!

  3. Paige is too cute and Payton "hiding" made LOL... Poor thing! I didn't know she was graduating Pre-K, will have to send her something after our trip!