Monday, June 28, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Here are some tid bits from the last few weeks!
Before Graduation I made Payton a appointment to get her haircut. We are so lucky my sister Janet has her own kids haircut shop in Danville so when we are in need of a trim, we go see Auntie Janet!

After her trim my sister always does a "princess" braid and sprinkles sparkles in her hair (which is fun at the time but stays in her hair for days!)
Paige just wanted to help clean up and went around the shop sweeping!
Across the street was a new candy shop so I took the girls over to check it out, I got Payton some gummy worms and I got myself some delicious gummy watermelon candies, yum!

That night was Karl's softball game, we finally got to go since it was a early one! Payton LOVES getting Nachos there ;)

We had dinner at our friends Katie and Ken's house, Payton loves playing with "the boys"! Katie and I have been friends since 3rd grade, it is so fun still being friends and watching our kids grow together!

The Watkin's have a new member of the family! Payton fell in LOVE with Stella! She was the calmest little dog ever, letting Payton carry her around all night!
I had to make Stella a bow for 4Th of July! ;)

Here are a few more from Payton's graduation, I never really posted all of the pics.

Payton with her girlfriends!

Poor kids, it was so windy they had their hands on their hats the whole time so they wouldn't blow away! I pinned Payton's on so it stayed put!

Payton and her buddy Kayla

Paige was not feeling well, she had come down with the flu the night before, and then so did the rest of us the next night...except Karl, as he says " I never get sick!" And it is true , he really never gets sick! Which was a good thing because Payton and I were both sick at the same time, and Paige still was not 100%. So Karl took care of Payton all night while I took care of myself. The next day I called my mom to see if she could come over to help me since Karl had to go to work, well, she and my brother both had it too! Paige lost 9 oz in the few days she couldn't keep anything down, it freaked me out! They gave her anti-nausea meds (which we all used ;) and since she has been feeling better she has been a eating MACHINE! She can't get enough!! I can already tell she has gained her weight back, but the Dr still wants us to go to a Pediatric GI Dr for further testing to just to be sure there is nothing else going on. That apt is not for a few weeks.

Payton with her Grandparents, she is so lucky!

Uncle Andy!

Payton and her teachers.

With Greg, one of the Directors of the school.

After Graduation we all went to the Ice Creamery for lunch! It was so nice of Grandma and Grandpa P to stay since they were headed out of town right after to take cousin Eli to Disneyland!!

One of Payton's gifts.

We went to the beauty supply store so Payton could pick out a new nail polish for graduation, she picked this one, to match her dress of course! I love it , it is OPI Catch Me in Your Net ( I love OPI because it does not chip and because it has the cutest names for all the colors!!)
I ordered these adorable suckers for Payton to give to her friends (they are dolphins) on the last day of school, we made little stickers for the back with our info so her friends can keep in touch over the summer!

The afternoon after Payton's Graduation my friend Brenda's son who Karl coached in football as well, had his Grad/18th Birthday party. Payton has a "crush" on him and always talks about him but then gets so shy around him, really already at age 4?

I had found a "how to " for this cake in one of our children's magazines at work and copied it for Brenda. Her son is really into dirt bike riding. I think she did a GREAT job!

Payton and Paige with Trevor!
Last weekend was Karl's cousin Jennifer's Graduation party. She graduated from Cal State East Bay (HAYWARD). She is now going to Merritt to become a Physical Therapist!

The cake was adorable! All aunt Cyndi did was request two half sheets of cake stacked on top of each other! Total was $40 from Safeway!!

Karl's cousin Keri breeds puppies and brought her last one along to the party. It was SO adorable and so calm!! I could have easily put it in my purse and taken it home, but Roxy probably would have eaten it for dinner and pooped it out by breakfast...

Uncle Roy's Dog Rocky (a older Brother to the puppy),

Guilty!" Who me? I didn't eat any Enchiladas!!"

Paige and Keri
Payton LOVES "cousins" Taylor and Cody! Taylor was teaching Payton how to give Cody wet Willies!
Father's Day, Payton couldn't wait to give Daddy her hand crafted gift! ( a painted picture cube with her picture in it)
We went to my Sister Janet's for a BBQ to celebrate Father's Day and my Dad's belated Bday.
Paige is such my Portuguese girl! She gets so tan so fast, just like Daddy!! (unlike her mother and sister) She has a little farmers tan like Daddy too!

Payton had so much fun with her cousin Rachel!

My Dad enjoying one of his new chairs! He has been restoring my Grandfathers old Ranchero for years and now it is almost done, another month for the paint job and then he wants to show it at the car shows! So he thought these chairs would be perfect for that!

My Dad with all his children!
Payton has been making "Spider Webs" at grandmas for a while now! I think she saw it on Curious George haha! She loves to "trap" me when I come to pick them up ;)

Yummm! Peanut Butter and Jelly!!!

I am so excited for my good friend Liv! She welcomed her new baby Girl LuLu to the world last Monday! I went for a quick visit while she was still at the hospital, she is adorable!! Liv's sister had her baby girl at the same hospital just 2 days before her so they were both there recovering at the same time!
Payton started her first session of Swimming for the Summer, she is doing great! Starting where she left off last summer and making progress already in her second week! Paige LOVES watching her and snacking while she does it!

Thursday night I hosted a Stella and Dot Jewelry party ( didnt think to take any photos), we had so much fun ooohing and ahhing at all the jewels! I have never had a "jewelry" party before so I didnt really know what to expect but when you mix cocktails and friends you are bound to have a good time! The party was such a success I now get to choose what I want up to $300 for FREE!!

Karl is starting a new contract this week for San Ramon, lots of areas to keep track of! The girls had fun "helping" him color code all his maps!

I think I am finally somewhat caught up now ;)

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  1. Oh my goodness you guys have been busy!!!A. My dad went to that candy shop . . .and had a heart attack over all of the jelly beans . . . $75.00 later he was done, ha ha ha. B. Paige looks so much like you!!! C. thats so cool they got San Ramon, it's the coolest city!! ha ha