Thursday, June 3, 2010

Payton's World

Payton is in the midst of her last pony lessons for the year, I am getting sentimental, seems like yesterday she was 2 and having her first lesson... Payton loves riding, even her instructor Linda commented that once she is on the horse she is all business, otherwise as Linda referred to her, she is a chatterbox ;)
Can I just say, I love my job! Where else can you watch your daughter do her riding lessons while on your break... amazing place to work!

The horses name is Packy, he was a packing horse at the Grand Canyon before retiring here to Woodroe Woods!

Last week Payton got some sort of bite ( I think spider, Karl thinks mosquito) on her forehead, it kept growing and oozing (so gross) so my mom took her into the Dr on Fri where they cleaned it and confirmed it was infected, prescribed antibiotics but thought it would go away on its own. Poor thing her whole forehead and eyes were so swollen!

Payton was Dolphin of the day last week, to a 4 year old, this is a HUGE deal! The children have certain jobs they get to do, be line leader and they get to excuse the children from circle.

Since Payton's official school year is coming to a close I am trying to take as many pictures as possible of all of the fun details she gets to experience!

Payton's teacher Cecilia is an AMAZING artist, she usually draws different characters or animals and lets the kids paint them, I just love these wild things!
On Thursday I went to get a Mani Pedi before the wedding. I usually leave the girls with Karl as this is my short down time, but Payton asked to go and I felt she was ready to sit through it with me. She was so inquisitive about everything! After they finished me they offered to paint her nails and add flowers for only $5, who could pass that up? Payton was in heaven!

Karl's dad had bought a raffle ticket for each of the grand kids a while back benefiting the CV Sports Foundation, and Paige won! Obviously Paige can't ride this bike yet so look who got a new bike! Thank you Eden Bicycles for the generous donation!

Paige just wanted to try on all the helmets

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