Thursday, June 17, 2010

Triple the Fun!

My friend Nicole asked me to make some onesies for her cousin who is having TRIPLETS! Two boys and one girl! She did a great job of choosing the fabric! Payton had fun "helping" me cut out all the pieces and telling me which one was for which baby. I thought they came out adorable and can't wait to see the little babies wearing them!These will be so cute in Spring!

And I have to share these, my favorite! Hydrangeas! My bushes are overflowing with blooms lately and I just love filling my vases with them around the house! I already told Karl, when we move, we are uprooting my hydrangeas and taking them with us! ;)


  1. My Girlfriends and I did onesies like that (not as cute as yours) and it was so fun and pretty easy. We just started planting hydrangias in the backyard and I am putting them anywhere they will survive, I love them! I am jealous of how big yours are!

  2. Those flowers don't grow in my yard, but I'm giving them a 2nd try. How'd you learn to sew? I got a sewing machine, but don't know where to start...

  3. Mine are all in full sun and seem to love it! As for the sewing, my mom taught me, I am still learning though... maybe we could get together one day I can show you what I know ;)I have a new sewing machine which is sooo much easier than the old one I had, I think the machine makes a big difference!