Sunday, March 14, 2010

Beautiful Day at the Zoo!

The weather has been so great the past few days we decided to take the girls to the Oakland Zoo! We ended up getting a membership since we are so close and it will be a fun thing for us to do this summer in the afternoons or on my day off.
Paige wasn't feeling the best, either allergies or teething, or both. Her poor eyes and nose were like faucets, running the whole time. She still enjoyed herself, she "read" the map, and loved pointing and "talking" to all the animals.

Payton had so much fun and was so hands on ! She remembered her last visit to the zoo so she knew exactly where she wanted to go and didnt want to waste any time getting there. After about 30 seconds at each animal she would say "can we go to the next animal now?" knowing that we would get that much closer to the childrens zoo where they could play and climb!

(Of course the girls were matching, and in the St Patrick's day spirit! Sorry I cant help it...)

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