Thursday, March 25, 2010

I "Heart" Thursdays

TRust me there are thousands of things I love, number one being my happy healthy girls, my amazing husband and my family but this week here are a few more things I LOVE...

I LOVE Thursdays because I am off work and I get to spend all day with Paige and get to pick Payton up at lunch time so we can have a lunch date!

I LOVE the fact that my Husband is so dedicated to his job and for providing for us and his family's Co. He has been working late daily and every Saturday for the last month. (Almost over, can't wait to have him back!) And he NEVER complains. I love him!

I LOVE free stuff! Last week while grocery shopping we got a $20 Kohls coupon. I am not a Kohls shopper and instantly thought it was one of those "spend $100 get $20 off" but no it was $20 towards anything. I told my mom and she had gotten one too so today we went. I was thinking maybe some easter decorations or picture frame... Well, I didnt know they had a bunch of toys too. So Payton got 2 gifts for a friends Bday party this weekend, my mom got Payton a Dr.'s kit (they just had their checkups so she is into it) and I got a Easter table runner, all for..... FREE! Well, we had to pay $1.33 but my mom paid it so for me FREE!

I LOVE the girls new Easter outfits! Payton got a dress while I opted for pants and a top for Paige since she is STILL crawling around. She would have gotten tangled in a dress and skinned her knees. I think I will take them to see the bunny this weekend!

I LOVE my life, couldn't ask for anything more!

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