Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is Here!

Spring is here and I love it! I finally got my toes done so I can wear all those flip flops that have been neglected all winter! (I will admit it, I am anal and will not put them on until my toes are done, even if its 100 degrees out ;)Karl mows the laws faithfully every weekend (I swear he treats them like a third child) and Payton is always right there "helping", until the blower comes out, then she heads inside haah! But today Karl really let her help push the mower! She was sooo excited, the smile on her face was priceless! I told her she better watch out or Daddy will start putting her to work!

It has been about 75 degrees this past week so we have spent a lot of time outiside. My friend is training for a Marathon and asked if we wanted to join her and her son Jack for a walk at Lake Chabot. It was great, with the exception of Payton having a meltdown halfway through and us having to jerry-rig her bike onto my stroller and her riding in the underbasket of Vanessa's stroller, ugh, I definetely should have had the camera for that one! But we did 4 miles and are going again this wednesday!

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