Monday, March 15, 2010

Turtle Crossing

Today was so nice out we spent most of the afternoon outside. We live on a "court" so I pushed Paige in the stroller while Payton rode her bike. At the end of the court is a large house with a large piece of property where they house a Turtle rescue (wierd I know). We have known it was there since we met the neighbors when we moved in but had never seen it. The owner was out front as we were passing by so he asked if we wanted to check it out! As you go throught the gate to get the turtles there are stacks of produce boxes lining the wall. The owners have a contract with Safeway where they pick up all expired produce, I thought that was neat, rather than wasting all that food. Anyways the owner spoke to us like we were on a "official" tour rambling off facts etc. The only one I can remember is that they house over 200 turtles....really? We only saw a hand full as they are still coming out of hibernation. Payton got to feed them apples and knock on their shells. He even offered to put Payton on their shells to go for a ride, which she gracously declined ;) So our little walk turned into something even more enjoyable!

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