Monday, March 29, 2010


Last Wednesday was Payton's last soccer class until the new session in a few weeks. She loves it, despite being the only girl in the class:)

Paige usually loves watching her sister but that day all she wanted to do was to stand up and plop down, over and over again!

Saturday Payton had a Birthday Party for a classmate at Pump it Up! ( Numerous inflatable jumpy houses inside a huge Warehouse, then pack you in a room and serve some pretty nasty Pizza, but the kids LOVE it!) Payton had a blast, Paige not feeling well just clung to me the whole time, Karl was working so she had to come along...

Payton and one of her best Buddies, Maiy!

The girls are starting to play so well together! I LOVE it!
I just had to post these because I love them. We had spaghetti the other night, Paige was a little messy, then she decided to play peek a boo before she was done. Total MESS, went straight to the bath after that meal!

Where is the seat cover you ask? I have pretty much given up on it, it needs washed after every meal. If I dont take it off, Roxy comes and "cleans" it, which in the end makes it even dirtier... To be honest I am pretty much over the high chair all together and think it will be gotten rid of and replaced with a seat at the table soon!

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  1. Payton is such a girlie girl even in her soccer pics! Love the Cozy Coupe, I want to get one for E for his b-day, that or a r.flyer. But I have to say that the best pics are of Paige! Love the last three!