Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day!

And Paige a year ago...I actually made the girls matching shirts and bows, I had been wanting to make them something for months (since I got my new sewing machine) and FINALLY found the time... And for you Sarah, I make the cards on scrapblog (my sis in-law got me hooked) so easy and mostly free!

My Big Girl Payton!


  1. Okay .. .where do all these cute cards get designed from?!!?

  2. So I went to write a new post on my blog and saw your picture... I thought, ohh it's Jessica (blah blah blah went on with my blog... a minute later, it hit me that you HAD to have a blog to have a pic on the followers)Then I did a second look at your pic & then the light goes on in my head "Ohhh she has a blog1" Welcome to Bloggin! I LOVE IT, it's my journal!